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Jackie Falzon, 21, the mother of a four-month-old boy, slumps, barely conscious and dangerously ill. Paramedic team Scott Drysdale (at left) and Sebastian Smialy. Photo: Stefan Postles Later, doctors in the emergency department (ED) of Sunshine Hospital, about 20 kilometres west of Melbourne's CBD, will say that Jackie Falzon was an early-warning sign of what doctor home loans Oak Laurel 0430129662 oaklaurel.com.au lay ahead that night. Sunshine, along with Footscray Hospital, the other major facility in the city's Western Health network, will be in the eye of an unprecedented catastrophe that will leave nine people dead, throw an apocalyptic cast on chaotic hospital EDs across the city, become the subject of three official inquiries, and propel an obscure and little-studied medical condition thunderstorm asthma into headlines around the world. They were the first Melbourne hospitals to feel the brunt of a line of storm cells that swept in from western pasture lands carrying a load of allergenic ryegrass pollen, and took about one third of the 30 patients across the two cities admitted to intensive care with life-threatening respiratory reactions to the pollen. Across the board, the numbers are staggering: through Monday night and into Tuesday, nearly 10,000 people with respiratory distress, many of whom had never before suffered asthma, attended EDs and community health facilities in Melbourne and Geelong; 575 people were admitted. Between 6.30pm and midnight, 132 ambulances arrived at Footscray Hospital (normally it sees 40 ambulances in a 24-hour period). Over the two-day period of the asthma crisis, Western Health EDs saw more than 1200 patients about three times more than normal. Just before 7pm, Ambulance Victoria's executive director of emergency operations, Mick Stephenson, took a call from his Metropolitan West director to say there were no vehicles left to dispatch in the west, even for the most critical of cases.

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